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I like what I like what I like what I like.
Samus Aran, for years, has been one of my favorite Nintendo characters mainly because of how badass she is. She's like an unstoppable one woman army going against entire planets full of various alien species to avenge her family's demise. A silent protagonist that's the sci-fi counter part to Link if you think about it.

And then she's announced for the new Smash Brothers, in both her full suit and Zero suit forms. And I was happy as hell to see her, as a Smash Bros veteran, to come back to the series. She's always been fun to fight as and her themed levels have always been fun to fight on.

And now people are bitching/fighting over the fact that her new boots have heels on them.

Are people really this petty?

One side is screaming it's sexist...and the other is screaming it's not...and...'s just a character design. So the hell what? Wow, Peach and Rosalina wear heels, anyone gonna say anything about that?

Listen, I know everyone's up in arms about what is and isn't sexist and oppressive and this and that and the other...but...'s to the point where we just can't have anything at all now. Everyone bitches about everything and it's really starting to get annoying. I'd like to be able to enjoy one single solitary thing without someone just raging about it because it doesn't suit their own personal needs/wants. Games aren't made for the individual person...they're made for people as a whole and if you want something that's catered to your needs, you better damn well learn how to make a game and make it yourself.

Kind of the same argument about Bronies and MLP. Most Bronies (at least the loudest anyways) honestly think that the Hub Network produces this show just for them and not the demographic it's meant for, which is small children. I'm not saying it's not alright for grown people to like the show but you need to enjoy it as is and not whine that it's not meeting your quota of pony smut. (I've seriously heard people bitch that Hub needs to make official MLP smut just for the Bronies...I'm not joking...) And just...

...people need to learn that not everything is catered to just them and them alone. Whether you're a raving group of fanatics (Bronies, etc...) or just a single fan of something.

I mean, if Samus' boots give you that much grief...that much utter agonizing grief...if a design of a single solitary FICTIONAL character in a line of possibly dozens of characters in a rather HUGE fighting game...if just the the shoes of this one single solitary character...makes you so damn upset that you have to act like a complete bratty child on the internet about it...then...

Don't buy the game. It's that simple. Just ignore it and play something else. Because if you're gonna judge an entire game over something that small and don't need it. Just...go play something else.

I'm not on either side of the argument...I really could care less if she has heels on her boots or they're flat...I just like the fact that they brought her back. She's an awesome character and she needs better attention than this.

And before anyone starts bitching to me that I'm sexist over people bitching about high heels...need I remind you dipshits...

High heels were first invented for MALE butchers a century or two ago so they don't end up wading in blood and later in history, women picked them up to wear as formal wear. I've done my research...have you?

How about that...high heels were for men originally...I bet that just blows your frickin' little tiny brains, now doesn't it?

So unless your a butcher being "oppressed" by a woman wearing high heels, shut the hell up.
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